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Mechanical Process

Our machinery boasts large travel distances. As a result, we can fully adjust to your mechanical processes and adapt to your needs regarding steel or aluminium profiles. You tell us what kind of profiles you want, and we’ll deliver! You can count on our experience and technological infrastructure. We work to your wishes, thanks to our 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC mills. 

What we can do for you:

  • Our state-of-the-art 5-axis-twin-head CNC cutter precisely cuts profiles up to 6,500 millimeters. 

  • The fully automated cutter processes your parts with outstanding precision and unmatched efficiency.

  • Our FANUC 3-axis CNC machine is fast and precise. It slashes your process times, and that with a maximum tolerance of 0.02 millimeters, on both aluminium and steel. It handles parts up to 2,500 millimeters long.

  • Our 4-axis CNC profile processing centers are the fastest and most precise of their kind. They process profiles up to 7,000 millimeters long in record time and with a tolerance of 0.05 millimeters.

  • Our two 5-axis CNC machines are used to make molded parts. We only need to set up your parts once for processing, which shrinks error rates.

  • Our capable, specialized partners help us mechanically finish profiles up to 15 meters long in line with your requirements. We also provide any necessary quality control.